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Access Number

Every WDT by MasterCall customer can activate the WDT by MasterCall Access Number - service that will make it easy to call any place in the world from every telephone in USA.
WDT by MasterCall Access Number gives you freedom of calling wherever, from anywhere and with no connection* or monthly fees.

How does the WDT by MasterCall Access Number work?
Dial the access number from any phone in USA. After a brief prompt, please enter your personal authorization code. After another prompt, enter the destination number.

*one-time surcharge applies when calling from payphones.

Favorite Numbers in Ukraine

Call your family and friends for as low as 4 c/min?

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Polski Numer

With WDT by MasterCall Polski Numer, you get a Polish phone number form a city of your choice in Poland.
You can then give that number to your family and friends in Poland. Every time they will call this number, they will be connected with your phone in USA.

Your relatives in Poland pay for this conversation like for a local call
You pay only 3.9 c/min
One time activation fee of $1.99 and monthly fee of $0.25 applies.

Call from Poland!

Register the phone numbers of your family and friends in Poland with WDT by MasterCall.
They will be able to call you via simple access number.

Your cost is only 14 c/min
Your family and friends call FREE